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Improve Vocabulary
Over 1000 key words to improve your vocabulary
Exam Dialogues
Exam style dialogues to improve your confidence
Practice Dialogues
Real-life conversations get you familiar with the exam format
Improve your vocabulary with the helo of pre-built flashcards.
Word Pronunciations
Polish up your pronunciation with the help of added word pronunciations
Instantly translates words, phrases between English and selected language

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NAATI CCL Hindi . 27/03/2023

I had been using a bunch of audio files and pdfs to study for my NAATI exam until I found this app. I love how this app gives you a variety of learning material. There audios for everything, including vocab lists. The flash cards feature was quite useful when preparing for NAATI.


NAATI CCL Bangla . 11/02/2023

I was struggeling to find study material for the exam. Thanks Lingoroo and the team for the help. I loved the flash cards feature


NAATI CCL Sinhalese . 17/12/2022

It is a very helpful app..I got the premium one..there are 10 practice audios plus vocabulary practice . I hope they incorporate sample answers in future as well..


NAATI CCL Tamil . 12/12/2022

Amazing app for NAATI CCL Sinhala exam preparation. Highly recommend it. Lots of content and practice material.


NAATI CCL Sinhalese . 14/12/2022

Fast track your exam preparation using this app. User friendly app and consists all sufficient material to pass your Naati CCL Sinhalese.


NAATI CCL Sinhalese . 19/11/2022

An app that makes studying for NAATI enjoyable and productive. Highly recommend as it makes self studying effortless.

General FAQs

Most popular student questions about the NAATI CCL exam

What is the NAATI CCL exam?

NAATI CCL Test ( Credential Community Language test) was started in January 2018 in Australia. It is an interpreting exam in which you verbally translate the information of 2 speakers, both sides. In other words, you facilitate communication between 2 speakers who speak their own language only.

Can I sit the exam from overseas?

Yes. All NAATI tests are conducted online.

Is there a time limit for the exam during the day of the exam?

There is a national time of 30 minutes per test. This is plenty of time to complete the test.

How long does it take to get NAATI test results?

Test results will normally be issued within a couple of weeks after the test on average.

How long is NAATI valid for?

Valid for three years from the date of issue. You will have to redo the exam to extend the NAATI certification.

What should I do if my full name is not printed on my NAATI CCL Letter?

Your name is printed based on the details that were entered on the myNAATI portal. Any name change or correction must be sent in writing to attaching a copy of your valid ID, such as a passport or Australian driving license within 7 days of receiving your result.

How long will it take me to prepare for the NAATI exam?

It depends on how fluent you are in English and your target language. However, we recommend you choose a date with atleast 3 weeks in advance if you are in a hurry. However, it is highly recommended that you give yourself 6 - 8 weeks to comfortably prepare for the exam.

Will a dialogue always start with the english speaker?

No. The dialogue could start from either the English or target language speaker

Will I get 5 points towards my PR after completing NAATI?

Yes. Following completion of your exam, you will immediately receive 5 extra points towards your PR application.

Can I do multiple languages and collect more than 5 points from NAATI test?

No one individual can claim only 5 points from NAATI CCL test.

Following completion of the exam, will I be able to work as an interpreter?

No. You will need to take on further NAATI exams to officially become an interpreter.

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